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Multitech MTPSR1-202ST ISDN BRI Proxy Server
E 39,00 inc. BTW
E 32,23 exc. BTW
Picture of Multitech MTPSR1-202ST ISDN BRI Proxy Server

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N    Multitech MTPSR1-202ST ISDN BRI Proxy Server       39,00  

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Multitech MTPSR1-202ST ISDN Proxy Server

Command (serial)

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Welcome to Multi-Tech`s new ISDN ProxyServer model number MTPSR1-202ST, a single, secure gateway that provides multiple LAN users with high performance ISDN access. The ISDN ProxyServer functions as a TCP/IP Proxyserver that resides on the outer edge of your firewall and provides Basic Rate ISDN Service using its internal 2B+D terminal adapter. The ISDN ProxyServer features a 10Base-T port for local LAN connection, Command Port for configuration and and internal 2B+D ISDN Terminal adapter for 64 Kbps per channel.

System management is provided through the command port using bundled Windows (r) Software which provides easy-to-use configuration menus.

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