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ABG Computers Postorder
ABG BV started as an IT company in 1985.
In 1998, the postorder division was started.
Currently ABG Computers is one of the biggest Computer Postorder shops in The Netherlands with over a thousand uninque visitors each day. ABG sells to customers, companies, resellers, educational and governments institutes. More and more large companies are also discovering ABG.

What does ABG sell
ABG is, unlike most other online shops, focused on hardware that can be used for upgrading older personal computers. We also stock many end of life products and are also specialized in Thin Clients. More and more customers understand that the price/quality ratio of the older products is much higher than the lastest state-of-the-art (read expensive) products.
We sell all types of hardware: Harddisks, memory, processors, mainboard and also many hard to find products. Examples: We still stock slot 1 mainboards and processors, Pentium PRO and Xeon processors. We also still have 50 pin SCSI Harddisks.

Our prices
Our prices are very reasonable and the prices listed on the site are inclusive V.A.T. (TVA). If you have a V.A.T. number and you're in the European zone, we can sell the products with 0% V.A.T.. Up to 10 kilograms (about 20 pounds) our shipping costs are fixed at 20 euro's. However, when the products are expensive and a good insurance is needed, we will ship using UPS. UPS is quite cheap for Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom shipments. For the other countries the prices are higher. Please inform if you want to know the shipping costs. You can contact us at: emailabgcomputers.nl.

Everything is on stock
99% of the products on our website are actually on stock, so we can ship very quickly when you order. This also means that when a product is out of stock, we won't be able to get any more of that product. So: If you need it, order it quickly, before someone else does.

English information
For the products of which we think are the most interesting to people abroad, we have also created product specification in English. For all other products: Please let us know if you have a question or would like to know more details. Please contact us at: emailabgcomputers.nl .

On the right top of the screen, you will see the link Updates. When nyou click this link you'll get an overview of the products that have been added since the last 10 days. That way you can easily see if the product you're looking for is now being sold by ABG.

Order information
The international order information can be read here: Information on International Orders

Registration with the Chamber of Commerce
Read the registration information at the Chamber of Commerce site. Registration number 30073690

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