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Information on International Orders

As of April 2003, we can ship worldwide using UPS.
The shipping costs are quite high, starting at about 40-50 euro's and higher, depending on the product.
Please email us for detailed information on international shipments: email AT abgcomputers.nl
Customers from European Countries listed below can still use our priority mail shipments for only 20 euro's.

Credit Card payments also accepted
As of April 2003, we also accept Credit Card payments for international orders.
We use PayPal for this. Please note: All you need is a credit card, you don't need to be a member of PayPal already. For International Orders there are now two order forms, one for pre-payments and one for credit card payments. Please use the form and payment method you prefer.

European Countries
As of March 2002, we also accept international orders from the following countries:

(We used to ship to Italy, but lots of packages never arrive, so we stopped sending there. We can ship UPS, but then the price will be a lot higher).

You can order directly from our website. Browse to the products you want to order and click on the order button to add it to your cart. The cart contents are displayed on the bottom left of your screen.

When you want to finish the order, click on Order from the menu on the top left of the screen. Then select the International Order (PrePay) order form.

As soon as we receive the order and we've checked our stock (95% of the products on the webpage are on stock), we will send you an e-mail in which we confirm your order and we'll include payment instructions. We only accept prepayments to our bank/giro account. Instructions for international payments are included in the e-mail. We check our bank account daily and we will ship your order as soon as we've received the payment. We ship using the Dutch TNT Post, using Worldpack Special Priority. The shipping costs are 20 euros. These costs may go up when you order heavy or expensive goods (due to insurance costs).

Warranty and support

Op al onze aanbiedingen zijn onze algemene voorwaarden van toepassing.

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